A Multi-Function Decentralized Ecosystem.

The $KASA Central Is A Multi-Function And Multi- Solution Defi Marketplace With Concept based on Building Leading Innovative Tools And Solutions For The Crypto Space. 100% Decentralized Launchpad, 100% Decentralized NFT Marketplace, Vesting, High Profit APY Staking, KASA DEX (Swap), KWallet App, P2E and P2W, KASA MultiChain Bridge, KasaVerse.

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Buy 5 BNB = 2,500,000 KASA
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Why Choose $KASA?

The operations and development Foundation aims to transform The Defi, Building Solution products such as KASA Launchpad, Which will Be The Best Launchpad For Everyone. With Secured Coded contract in multiple-chains where everyone can create their token and launch across Chains like Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, and Polygon and more.

Easy, Fast and Secure

A 100% decentralized system and use cases in secured mode, scalability, compound interest, farming, mining and other programs that will support the $KASA Token with the great minds and experience behind this amazing project where partners and community will be great benefactors in the utilities. Don't miss out on tomorrow's biggest project, join the community today.

Launch Pad

KASA Launchpad Central will be for all developers and none developers! KASA will help all developers to create their own tokens and launch token sales on launchpad in few seconds. When you created a token on KASA Launchpad it will be Automatically verified and published on explorer websites. KASA launchpad will be fast, simple and cheap, with even no knowledge of coding, you can still create token, It will be 100% decentralized! KASA will be a Central solution for Token creation and Sales.

Standard Token

This contract will Mint standard
tokens on BSC, ETH, plus undisclosed

Deflationary Token

This contract will Generate deflationary tokens with tax like Liquidity,
Redistribution and
Marketing functions.

Customizable Token

In This contract developers
will Create custom token
and easily launch it at our
KASA launchpad.

Branding your project

Developers will be able to
Add their logo, social links,

Management Circle

This Circle will help developers
to easily add or update content
for their launchpad.

Locking Token/LP

You will be able to Lock your
token, Linear lock and your liquidity
to KASASwap, PancakeSwap during
presale and after presale.


$KASA smart contract is verified and has been audited by Top blockchain security firm "BlockSAFU"
With 100% positive result, and Team KYC'ed by Pinksale.

About Securing

KASA Will secure all assets with a multi-layer technology that will combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography and hardware isolation.

Investment Projects

$KASA Network project and all the investment programs that will add value to the economy of the community and KASA ecosystem. plus undisclosed ones

Launchpad and NFTmarketplace Simple UI/UX

We are designing a User friendly interface for best experience, which will be the best in the crypto space.


At the moment a solid team of 4 members make up the efficient planning of the company, positively impacting all its investors.

KASA Token

$KASA will also be the operations currency in all of our products platform, which provide special benefits.


We have an incredible and private community of investors where each member take care of each other and the company.


Total Supply

$KASA 10,000,000

Contract address:


KASA NFT Marketplace

KASAMarketplace which is motivated by the idea of rarible Marketplace, KASAMarketplace will be on Binance Chain (BSC) and 100 percent decentralized and will contain larger part of capabilities that matched with rarible Marketplace and opensea, and more functions we are adding in other to bring more to the crypto world


IDO Details

KASA Central Ecosystem token Fair Launch presale.


September 2022


October 2022

Acceptable currencies


Tokens for Sale

$KASA 3,000,000

Exchange Rate & Tax

Fair Launch Presale, 0% Tax (Zero Tax)

Min & Max Transaction

You can Buy with any amount.

Token Details

Total Supply

$KASA 10,000,000


1% is distribuited to all holders


2% each transaction is added to liquidity

Marketing, development and operation Wallet

3% is sent to project MDO wallet

Frequently asked questions

The platform for our presale will be at KasaCentral Launchpad

 In Pancakeswap, Poocoin and other Exchanges that we will be listed on.

Yes, there is locked and vesting period. LOCKS

All tokens purchased in presale will be released immediately after Sales ends.

immediately after the presale ends

No more tokens will be minted, the contract does not have minting function